Here are 5 VPN Uses You Need to Know
Here are 5 VPN Uses You Need to Know

Here are 5 VPN Uses You Need to Know

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Coretan.kosongin.comHere are 5 VPN Uses You Need to Know : In today’s digital era, the internet is a major necessity. But unfortunately, sometimes there are some things on the internet that we can’t access now for one reason or another. Usually because of government regulations or other reasons. That’s where a VPN comes in as a savior. There are other uses of VPN besides opening blocked sites.

Getting to know VPN

Before we discuss what a VPN is for, you must first recognize what a VPN is. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This VPN is a network that helps someone surf the internet more securely and privately.

Because the connection is private and not public, not everyone can enter the private network unless it is permitted by the owner of the network or indeed they are hackers and want bad intentions to you.

Now you can use VPN on a PC or smartphone. If you used to have to use extensions to use a VPN, now you don’t need extensions. There are some browsers that have a VPN installed automatically, such as Opera.

Then on Smartphones, you can find several types of smartphones that already have a built-in VPN application, such as in some iPhone series, then Xiaomi, and several other cellphones.

Uses of VPN

Can be used to open blocked sites

The first use of a VPN is being able to open sites that are blocked by the government. There are many sites that are blocked by the government. Like for example Netflix and some other uncensored sites. Using this device, you can open the site.
How come? Because the IP address that we use is not from Indonesia. But from other countries so that Indonesian internet regulations do not apply when we use IP addresses from other countries.

Improve Network Security

If you look at it from the point of view of a Private VPN that you usually use to open blocked sites, then security is not one of the uses of a VPN. In fact, that could be a drawback. But when we talk about internet connection within the company, then a VPN can be very safe.

As the abbreviation has explained that VPN is Private. So the nature of the network is private. This private network is suitable for large companies and banking companies. The data they inform each other is important data. So it takes a private connection and cannot be entered by others like a public connection.
In fact, according to the data, a banking company can lose up to 100 million USD because of their money being stolen virtually when they are not using a VPN. That’s why a VPN can be very safe if it is used for personal use or is a private network.

Close Browser History

Because the VPN network is private, no one will be able to access your history. In fact, in some applications, such as opera, when you use a VPN, your history will automatically be deleted when you exit the application.

Increase Download Speed

The benefits of a VPN can also increase download speeds. Why did it happen? Isn’t it because we use an external IP address so it’s slower, right? No. If we use a VPN like that it will indeed be slower. But if we use a VPN as a private network, then the network is barrier-free.

Minimize Connection Disturbances

Of course, you know that VPN networks are private, so only you are using the network. Like the streets, they are only you who use them. So no traffic jams, or accidents at all right? Well, that logic is also used when you use a VPN.
You may often encounter corrupt files or other problems when downloading or uploading videos on public networks. It disappears when you use this one technology.
It also happens because of the functions and benefits of a VPN as a security for your connection traffic. So, disturbances such as corrupted files, lost data, and other disturbances will be minimized with the existence of a VPN.


VPN or Virtual Private Network does have many uses. VPN if used properly will benefit you. of course if you also use a paid VPN and not a free one. If you only use a free VPN or just an extension, then you need to be careful because your data can actually be stolen by irresponsible people.

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